Crowdfunding for Toddlers

Toddlers is open to everyone and a fantastic example of a church welcoming, loving and supporting  local families of all backgrounds, faiths and cultures.

The Toddlers group at Roxeth Community Church has been for many, many years a place of joy, play, music, fun and creativity for children and a place of friendship, support and respite for parents and carers.

In 2013 it won joint best Toddler group in London with the influential netmums movement and has been recognised as exemplary in all that it does. In July this year our long term leader decided that it was time to step down from running the group. The group is temporarily closed.

With Young Harrow Foundation’s support we now have an opportunity to restart this hugely popular and over-subscribed group. In partnership with them we have agreed to raise £903 via Crowdfunder. This will make up a portion of the monies required to restart Toddlers with new, salaried leadership. Young Harrow Foundation will generously provide the remainder of the funding, a further £3511,  for a combined total of £4,414. This combined amount covers the salary of a dedicated Toddlers leader over a 12 month period.

If you would like to donate please follow this link…

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